Quality vs Quantity

If I had more time I would have wrote a shorter note.

Wait, did I say that correctly? Yup.

That’s the point. To write concisely and succinctly takes time. It usually means writing 50% more than you actually will end up publishing. And painfully chopping words of the page until you’re left with the essence or core of what you’re message is.

There is this belief that the more one writes, the higher quality it is. That isn’t true.

A heuristic I’ve heard that I like is:

  • If it’s a blog post try to write it as a tweet
  • If it’s an essay try to write it as a blog post
  • and so on…

This forces you to be as succinct as possible and pressure test if what you are writing is over indexing on “quantity” at the expense of “quality.”

Sometimes when it comes to writing, less is more.

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