Now that I’ve started to run a lot more than I was before (5x a week on the plan I shared last week), I’ve started to use Strava more actively again because for running specifically, I’ve heard it’s great (h/t Matt Schulman for the initial rec!)

One week in of logging my runs with Strava and I’m hooked!

  • I can click record on my apple watch and even if I don’t have my phone with me it will track my run, then upload once I have a connection again
  • I can see my friend’s runs and comment on them
  • It shows me my total mileage for the week (18mi last week!)

If you’re on Strava, I would love to follow you and here’s my account!

Lastly, for some fitness inspiration, a reminder to build habits and do whatever that works for your personality.

People can get ripped working out like a bodybuilder, but if you prefer rock climbing or cycling or rowing, then shape your exercise habit around your interests. If your friend follows a low-carb diet but you find that low-fat works for you, then more power to you. If you want to read more, don’t be embarrassed if you prefer steamy romance novels over nonfiction. Read whatever fascinates you… 

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