COVID At Home (+ Outside) Workout Regiment

I hope everyone is staying safe during these wild times¬†ūüôŹ.¬†

I wanted to share the workout regiment I put together for myself while gyms are closed for the indefinite future.

Would love to hear what routine / exercise you’re doing as well!

Mobility: Every day I do the Limber 11 + Crossover Symmetry Back and Shoulders + Hip & Core warmup routine. Time: 15 minutes | Days per week: 7
Cardio: I’m starting up a routine I’ve done in the past: The Hal Higdon 5k Traning Program. You can see the plan overview below and more detail is¬†here. Time: 30 – 60¬†minutes | Days per week: 5
Strength: I’m doing a 15min bodyweight circuit which consists of three exercises: Pullups, Pushups and an Ab exercise. I do 5 sets of the below:
– 20 seconds: X Pullups
– 40 seconds: Y Pushups
Р60 seconds: An Ab Exercise (plank, ab wheel roll-outs, hanging leg raises)
– 60 seconds: rest

Time: 15 minutes (5 sets x 3 min) | Days per week: 5
– Mobility everyday
– 5 exercise days, 2 rest days (where I try go on a walk around Lake Merrit to do something active)
РDepending on cardio for the day, all exercise takes 60 Р90 min

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