The Human Side of What You Create

Was reading this case study on How Dashboard Designs Can Impact Your Perception and the key point of the cast study was: one should consider the human side of what you create.

In this case if you look at the John Hopkins dashboard for the spread of COVID-19, the color red is used to display where current cases are.

However, the color red has associations with “blood” and can potentially incite more panic or fear within people than is intended. While this might be desired in some cases, a way to display the same information without alarming people as much would be by changing the color to something like below.

The choice of layout and colors used in a product can influence the way people experience your product and feel while using it, especially when it’s a dashboard or chart.

At the end of the day, behind every data point on a dashboard, there is an actual person so we should always consider the human side of what we create.

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