Calves to Cows

One of the most stubborn muscles for me to strengthen and grow in the gym has been my calves. 

A few months ago, I decided, enough is enough: I’m going to turn these scrawny calves into COWS.

I needed a plan though…

Step 1) Research
Actually, no, I didn’t do research yet… instead, I bought a domain name 😂

Step 2) Put together a system

Okay, this was the research phase. As I’ve said many times before: You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.

So what is my system = exercise regiment? I’ve shared it below! This will also serve as some public accountability to stay extremely consistent and stick with the program. And 212 days from now, if I’ve reached my goals, I can spend a few weekends building an extremely simple mobile app which will “productize” the system I followed 😄

Daily: 100 standing calf raises

Weekly: Luke Sauder Calf Routine. Luke Sauder is a Canadian former alpine skier who competed in the 1994 Winter Olympics and 1998 Winter Olympics. He was inducted into the Cambridge Sports Hall of Fame in 2007. This program was designed for Luke: the idea was to build Luke’s calves up so big that they’d actually provide a cushion to prevent his knees from reaching too severe an angle as he jets down the mountain. I’m not training for skiing, but I love the mix of frequency and volume in this plan.

Let’s see how it goes 💪

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