Sniper Links

It’s easy to open up your favorite social media app and 15 minutes later realize, “wait, why did I open this app in the first place? I was looking for something right?”

The same thing can happen during onboarding for users when they are joining your product if they have to verify their email. This is because when someone enters their email inbox, all of a sudden, their attention is pulled at from every direction by the deluge of unread messages sitting in front of them. Next thing you know they start opening messages and… 15 minutes later they forgot about your apps onboarding process. In fact, 26% of your new users will never confirm their email address.

This doesn’t mean remove email verification from your onboarding process; it just means minimize the distraction.

A way to do this is with Sniper Links, as explained by in a recent Product Gem Newsletter.

Here is a before and after:

And here are the three steps to implement a Sniper Link in Gmail:

  1. Open your Gmail inbox in a browser tab. Search for in:anywhere (assuming “” is your company’s domain).
  2. Copy the URL of your browser tab. It should now be
  3. Update your signup flow. Right after your users sign up to your product, instead of just saying “Please validate your email” on the confirmation page… show them a “Confirm Your Email” button that links directly to the URL you generated!

In summary: don’t force users to avoid distractions; create an environment where it’s not possible for them to succumb to distractions by removing them entirely.

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