The Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality

Realized I didn’t fully understand the debate around net neutrality so did some research on the arguments for and against it which I’ve outlined below.


One of the most important principles of the internet is neutrality. The internet does not distinguish between a large organization and a small organization. It does not know the difference between CNN and an Egyptian blogger. It allows the Egyptian blogger to speak to the world with the same power of voice that CNN has

The Internet of Money
  • Provides equal opportunities to ISPs large and small to gain customers. No one company can control how data is delivered and how it is accessed.
  • Consumers and internet users have a protected freedom of speech. Net neutrality gives us the right to express how we feel through social media. This is especially important for people like activists who start and spread movements via internet.
  • Everyone receives the same services and experience while surfing the web. What is accessible to one is accessible to all.


  • Net neutrality hurts ISPs because they pay to manage their buildings and offices, bringing them less profit. There are regulations in place that denies them the right to charge consumers, so they charge sites like Netflix which leads to Netflix increasing the price of a monthly subscription to its consumers.
  • Content that may be violent or questionable (i.e. riots, massacres, nudity, etc.,) is viewed and could be easily accessed, along with other illegal activity.
  • Although the internet is free for use to all some people use the net less than others. Net neutrality forces all consumers to pay the same amount, which means that someone who uses the internet twice a week is charged the same amount as the person who plays video games 7 days a week. If you really think about it, some consumers pay more than others.


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