How to Build A World-Class Newsletter

Growth.Design put out an awesome case study on how Morning Brew built a world class newsletter. These are great tips for anyone thinking of starting a newsletter, or looking to improve their existing newsletter.

⓵ 💎 RECOGNIZABLE BRAND: Consistency is key when you send emails often. Having a clear mark that distinguishes your brand from other emails will help you raise awareness.

⓶ ⭕️ RELEASE RINGS: When volume isn’t a problem, delaying the release of the newsletter can be a great way to test subject lines. Once your results have converged. You can then send it to the rest of your audience, knowing it will perform.

⓷ ✍️ OPEN LOOPS: Tease your audience with great questions or subjects at the start of the email. It will increase the likelihood of them reading the rest of the email.

⓸ 💥 PATTERN BREAKS: Once the visual layout is established, don’t hesitate to break it to bring attention to new and important items. It will make your email more scannable and easier to read.

⓹ 🎯 PERSONALIZED CONTENT: In today’s age of information overload, we seek content that interests us. If I can’t find the content that I want in your newsletter, I’ll go somewhere else.

⓺ ⭐️ QUALITY CONTENT: Finally, nothing beats high-quality content. Show that you’ve done the research and the hard work for your viewers, so they don’t have to.

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