“Brady, drops back to pass…”

When watching football, once the quarterback takes the snap from the center and drops back to pass, the announcer says “Brady, drops back to pass…” (I’m a Pats fan).

Now imagine if the play-by-play came first and the announcer said “Brady, drops back to pass…” and then Brady actually did so in the game.

That would be wild and would not make sense to us.

The truth is our brain works in the way first described.

We know / feel something quickly (the game, or a gut feeling) and eventually our mind crafts a narrative or puts words/ facts to it to match that (the play-by-play, or rationalization). Studies have been done on this, pretty fascinating

“Eventually” is key because if we don’t follow our gut, it can mean that the play-by-play or narrative we construct is a “justification / rationalization” that actually isn’t in-line with our gut feeling, but eventually, we come to the narrative that matches our gut feeling.

I guess this gets at a bigger question: is it that the play-by-play sometimes just takes time to develop? Or is it that our gut feelings can and do change?

I’ll answer this with a quote that I like:

Leap, and the net will appear.

Julia Cameron, The Artists Way

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