How to force rapid learning

There is nothing quite like ignorance combined with a driving need to succeed to force rapid learning.

Creativity, Inc

Let’s deconstruct this into a formula:

  1. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge or information.
  2. Needs are something one requires because it is essential or very important.
  3. Succeeding is achieving the desired aim or result.
  4. Rapid is something that happens in a short time or at a fast pace.
  5. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught.


Ignorance + Need to Succeed = Rapid Learning

At the end of the day we, humans, are products of our environment. Environments are the invisible hand that shape our behavior.

So find an environment or topic or thing where you are ignorant. There’s nothing wrong with this. But simply, put you lack knowledge or information in the space.

Then make sure that in this environment you need something very badly. For whatever reason. You don’t just want it. You need it. This could be work, personal life, a new hobby really anything.

Then you can’t help but rapidly learn.

Because a big enough why (the need to succeed) can overcome any how (one’s ignorance).

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